Pozzo Stone is a durable, yet economical base material used in a variety of paving applications, including parking lots, storage pads, feedlots and machine shed floors.  Being a manufacturer’s aggregate made from Class C fly ash, it also has proven to be an excellent base material for concrete or asphalt driveways and pavements.

When used as a granular surfacing material, Pozzo Stone has proven to stand the test of time.  With the cementicious properties of concrete, five year test sections have shown Pozzo Stone to continue hardening and gaining strength over time.  When water is applied to a base course of Pozzo Stone, a chemical reaction occurs similar to that of cement, and the surface hardens to an impressive strength.  Because Pozzo Stone is non-organic, weeds will not grow through the surface.

Pozzo Stone applications are freeze-thaw durable, non-plastic and non-erosive, at a cost that is generally less than natural aggregates.

Pozzo Stone is $8/ton plus tax and delivery charge to your location.  We also offer to prepare your site and spread the product.